Our Services

Our Services

“Our patients’ milestones come very differently. They may never sit up, speak, or walk on their own, so every little bit of progress makes each milestone even more special.”

Milestones In Home Care provides highly skilled, compassionate private duty pediatric nursing services…

…In the Home
The Milestones team of nurses and support staff is committed to providing the highest quality home care services for patients and their families. One of our top priorities is to establish a trusting relationship with each patient and all other family members. Our nurses are compassionate and highly skilled professionals who listen to patients’ needs, as well as the needs of their parents and siblings. Milestones nurses are trained to manage all aspects of care, keeping each individual patient’s safety, welfare and best interests at heart.

Each family is provided with:

  • A Patient Care Coordinator
  • A Pediatric Nursing Supervisor
  • An Individualized Plan of Care

We work directly with Discharge Planners, Case Managers, Doctors and Equipment Companies to ensure continuity of care and the most advanced technology available in the home care setting.

…In the School
In addition to our in-home services, we provide skilled nursing in the school setting. We are contracted with several school districts throughout Long Island, where our highly trained nurses attend school with medically fragile school-age children, helping them experience life with the least amount of difficulty and the greatest amount of care and attention.

“The goal at Milestones In Home Care is to help every one of our patients to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.”

-Milestones co-founders Kelly Duranti and Denise Giovanniello