AlayaCare @ Milestones In Home Care

January 2023

AlayaCare @ Milestones In Home Care

“With an eye on the future of health care best practices, Milestones in Home Care is excited to be incorporating electronic capabilities for our nursing, admin and billing services.”

Denise Giovanniello & Kelly Duranti,
Milestones in Home Care co-founders.

Last year, Milestones in Home Care embarked on a journey to incorporate an electronic medical system as provided by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Public Law 104-191 (enacted on August 21, 1996).

The first task was to build the boat. So we have partnered with AlayaCare, a young company with a firm foundation for providing health care software so that we can do our jobs better, faster, more easily.

  • Using a specially tailored webpage, our coordinators will now be able to assign shifts and coordinate time sheets for our nurses, saving office visits and paper supplies along the way.
  • Our nurses will be able to clock-in, complete nursing and assessment notes, add to confidential team communication for the patients they serve… all seamlessly joined & routed for the usual oversight, but now using the AlayaCare app.
  • Milestones will be securing tablets for each patient, to be kept at their home. These are locked down devices, for which the primary app is AlayaCare. These will act as the patient’s clipboard for the Nurses to record and monitor their patients every success.
  • Once a Nurse completes their shift, their timesheets get automatically/electronically submitted as signed, and their Notes will be forwarded to the Nursing Supervisor for review, and sign off.
  • With timesheets and approved nursing notes in place, the proper billing and payroll process can be completed, again all kept in lane by the AlayaCare software.

The 21st Century will be noted as the turning point where the full power of digital infrastructure is leveraged against the detailed requirements of a world-class health care system.

Milestones in Home Care is ready for the challenge!

Top notch health care, supported by digital tools in our future. We see it, we have embraced it, and you’ll begin seeing it at work in the coming months.

Denise Giovanniello, RN & CEO

Kelly Duranti, RN & CFO

Milestones in Home Care