AlayaCare – When Things Get Weird

AlayaCare – Restarting the App & the Tablet

    What if things don’t quite work correctly?

    Based on new reports from multiple nurses during the spring of 2023, we found that the app sometimes stops working — we’re not sure why, but we’re sure what:
    • notes can’t be submitted, buttons don’t quite go they way they are supposed to;
    • the app switches to the Form Drafts folder instead of closing cleanly after a nurse hit’s the button to”submit” their note.
    • It could mean trouble for the last updates a nurse enters into the note.

    Here’s what to do!

    If the app starts to show this or another wierd symptom for you, simply close all apps and restart the tablet.

    This should reset the stored memory, various session cookies that might be getting corrupted, and accessing and editing the draft form will resume normal operations.

    The following video is provided to show you how to close the apps and restart the device.

    Please report all issues and odd behavior of the app to Paul Nocera & Jayson Flock at Milestones. Click here to email Paul and Jayson from your smart device.